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Guess the Score of this Monster Buck

Monster 10-point whitetail buck.

Here’s a fun exercise for today: Take a shot at field-judging this trophy buck.

Here’s what D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt had to say:

"I’m not saying that Brad and I are the end-all experts, but here’s what we guessed for a gross score on that big 10-pointer shown in the trail camera photo:

"My guess: 153 gross typical. Brad’s guess: 152 inches gross. We made these guesses without conferring with each other. My ‘guesstimates’ for the buck’s gross score:

"Brow tine: 4 inches
"G-2: 7 inches
"G-3: 9 inches
"G-4: 7 inches
"Main beam: 23 inches
"Mass: 17 inches (5+4+4+4)

"Subtotal = 66. Multiplied by two = 134   +   inside spread (19 inches)  = 153.

"How does that compare with your guesses? Do you agree or disagree? Let the debate begin!"


49 thoughts on “Guess the Score of this Monster Buck

  1. Justin

    157". I have a few similar bucks on my cameras….. It takes a huge deer to make 170-180….. So my guess is 157".

  2. Abe Knuth

    A trophy for sure! great mass and main beam length looks good. G3 length good.

    Id say probally 160’s

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