Handgunners Have Durable New Targets

For metal target shooting fun with larger caliber loads, Birchwood Casey offers the Double Mag, Super Mag and the Gallery .44 Resetting target.

Designed for .38 to .44 mag handgun loads with soft nosed bullets and used at a distance of a least 25 yards. The targets feature a twist design on the target with no welds to break. The metal is also finished with a unique steel blackening technique that won’t chip like paint.

The Double Mag and Super Mag Spinner targets go easily into the ground with the foot rest and the swinging action lets shooters instantly know if they have made a successful shot.

The Gallery .44 Resetting targets feature a resetting design that allows for all day shooting without having to go downrange to reset the targets. The heavy duty construction will stand up long days on the range.

For more information on Birchwood Casey’s metal targets go to birchwoodcasey.com