Heavy Rain Threatens Staff Food Plot

by Jacob Edson, F&W Media Outdoors Editor

week ago, a coworker and I hustled out to plant a couple food plots before the forecasted
rain. We got our seed in the ground in time, and were excited to see the germination
process begin. Since then, things have been wet. Very

Good, right? Well, yes and no.

Large puddles have formed in a few places and we might have lost some of our seed.


However, our plot is taking off in places devoid of standing water. So far, I’d say
the plot is doing pretty well aside from one large puddle that seems to be enveloping
about 1/8 of an acre.

I’m a little worried we might be in for a little too much rain. There are heavy thunderstorms
forecasted for tonight, with up to an inch expected. As the saying goes; when it rains,
it pours.

I’ll offer another update in a week or so.


How are your food plots doing this year? Share
your successes on the deeranddeerhunting.com forums. Or, come and ask a food plot
related question.

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