Hot Gear: Best Mosquito Control for Deer Hunting

Article 1The latest in Thermacell’s campaign to rid your hunt of mosquitoes and other biting insects is the Scout Camp Lantern. This is yet another outstanding product from Thermacell to receive the full endorsement from the Deer & Deer Hunting crew, and it earns it for two good reasons.

First, this lantern pulls double duty as a powerful mosquito repeller, utilizing Thermacell’s familiar mat-and-butane combo. It’s the same technology that made the portable Thermacell repellers such a hit. Expect 225 square feet of protection from mosquitoes, black flies and more.

Click the photo to see all the great Thermacell items and get yours today.

Click the photo to see all the great Thermacell items and get yours today.

Second, lanterns are the anchor of any deer camp. They’re at the center of preparing and eating food, processing deer, camp chores and unwinding. Why not incorporate Thermacell’s best mosquito repellant technology into a lantern you’d use anyway? It can only help, and it’s a brilliant move by Thermacell.

The lantern itself is wildly efficient, cranking out 220 lumens for 10 hours on only four AA batteries – and that’s on its brightest setting.

Each lantern comes with a repellent mat and butane. Refills are available in multi-packs so you can use your lantern and other Thermacell products for years on your hunting trips, camping outings and at home.

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