How Is Michigan Bait Ban Affecting Business?

Think baiting isn’t big business in Michigan? Think again. Check out the latest
news that farmers and store owners are challenging the Lower Peninsula bait ban in

Since the ban was put in place on August 28, the owners of Bart’s Fruit Market say
they have lost between $10,000-$15,000 in business. Another farmer claims he has lost
over $20,000 since the ban took effect. The Michigan DNR estimates that baiting is
a $50 million dollar business in the state.

The petitioners assert that the DNR’s bait ban order circumvented public process,
which requires “adequate public notice, opportunity for public comment and due regard
for traditional (procedural) methods and practices…”.


One thought on “How Is Michigan Bait Ban Affecting Business?


    This is exactly the kind of thinking and reasoning why this disease has continued to progress in not only Michigan, but other states in the union as well. More people conserned about their pocketbooks instead of conservation of the natural resources they "pretend" to love and admire. If this disease continues on it’s path, which we know what it can do and how quickly it expands, we could lose a large number of the deer population. Let me fill you in on a little advice, when your market is gone, your product geared toward that market goes bye bye too! The feed that is purchased to bait these deer and the business that goes along with it would shrivel up and die right along with the infected carcasses that expire months before. So, I ask, fix the problem now or deal with the consequences later farmers, stores, and hunters. Cmon’, use a little common sense here and think about what your doing to the natural resource we love and admire, the whitetail, instead of your pocketbooks. Thats the chances you take when you get into a business and make the decisions you make for those businesses. Nothing lasts forever. By the way, I am a hunter from the U.P. and if they told me I couldn’t bait tomorrow, I would hoot and holler as then I could focus on a deer’s natural feeding habits and the routes they take to these sources, which would help me pattern them more and score more venison every year. Not to mention, the occasional mature buck. As for the deer rehabilitation I can’t argue with that, but I would hate to see the after effects if we even give this disease an inch of wiggle room!!!!!Posted by: Dominick C.

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