Huge Virginia Buck, Hunter Finally Identified!

This monstrous whitetail from Virginia definitely grabbed our attention when it began circulating on social media and hunting sites recently, and the mystery behind its validity was quite the topic for a while.

Virginia hunter Jim Wilson killed this 12-pointer on Oct. 30, a buck with a 32-inch spread that doesn’t look like a Commonwealth deer!

I ran across the photo of the wide buck on a hunting site, checked another couple of sites and then hit a comment thread on an archery forum. Knowing that veteran Roanoke Times outdoor writer Bill Cochran has been on top of big whitetails in the Commonwealth for decades, I zipped him an email asking for any assistance in verifying the photo and finding the hunter.

Cochran has ink in his veins and his super-sleuthing skills via a great network uncovered the truth. Jim Wilson of Chase City, Va., killed the deer on a private tract on Oct. 30 during the archery season with his Parker Enforcer crossbow.

Wilson had seen the deer on trail camera photos but had only come close twice, and the wary buck didn’t respond to his calls or rattling. Check out Cochran’s full report on the big buck here!

The 12-point buck had a spread of about 32 inches. Holy cow! That’s a Virginia deer? Darn sure is, and congrats to Wilson along with thanks to Cochran for his assistance.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor