Hunt Pre-Rut Bucks on Deer Talk Now!

Veteran hunter and writer Steve Bartylla of Wisconsin will discuss tactics for hunting pre-rut bucks, wary does and more this week on Deer Talk Now.

Steve Bartylla

Bartylla will be the special guest on Deer Talk Now this Wednesday, Oct. 10, with hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting! The 1-hour live webcast airs at 12 p.m. Central from Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters in Wisconsin. Deer Talk Now is presented by Mathews, Carbon Express and ICOtec.

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Bartylla has more than three decades of experience studying and hunting whitetail deer. Along with his own personal experiences, he has helped numerous outfitters during their seasons as a consultant on where to place treestands and how to pattern deer for success. A diehard bow hunter, he also has written numerous articles and filmed several videos about whitetails and hunting.

This week Bartylla will discuss pre-rut bucks and how to figure out what they’re doing, how they’re acting and he’ll offer tips on how you can have more success hunting them. He’ll also discuss does, scrapes and answer your questions!

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