Hunter Drops Awesome Alabama Buck!

Jerry Webb of Alabama is known among his fellow hunters as a top woodsman and big buck hunter, and his latest whitetail is a great one!

Webb lives in northeast Alabama and hunts near some of the state’s rugged mountains, which comprise the foothills of the Appalachian Chain. They’re not mountains compared to those in the mideast or northeast stretch of the Appalachians but for hunters and whitetails in the Yellowhammer State they suffice just fine.

Webb was hunting the afternoon of Dec. 17 in a wooded cedar thicket on a mountainside in the rain. This old buck was trailing three does at about 80 yards, keeping an eye on them but not really chasing or exhibiting signs of hard rutting action. The peak of the rut usually is late December to mid-January where Webb lives, so this buck was getting geared up for his love patrol.

Webb’s 10-point buck weighed 202 pounds and scored 161 4/8. He was using a .300 Win Mag and made the shot at about 40 yards.