Hunter Input Wanted For Proposed Changes

Maryland hunters are being asked for their input on proposed changes to regulations and bag limits for whitetail and sika deer.

The Maryland DNR has asked for suggestions and comments following what it says are repeated requests for more protection of young bucks. Proposed changes include a reduced bag limit to three for the entire season in the state’s two zones. Hunters would still be allowed to kill up to 10 does per season.

Deadline for suggestions is March 15.

Pete Jayne, associate director for game management at DNR, said the agency regularly hears from hunters who would like to reduce the white-tailed buck bag limit.

“It’s a common request and has been for some years, to reduce the hunting pressure on bucks,” Jayne said in this report in “The reason people ask us for this is they’d like to see more of the younger bucks make it through the season so they become older bucks with bigger antlers.”

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