Hunters, Anglers Hit With High Annual Fees

Hunters and anglers in Stanislaus County got broadsided by a gatepost Tuesday when the California county’s commissioners agreed on astronomically high annual fees in an effort to bolster the bank account.

Stanislaus County commissioners voted unanimously to create new permit fees of $100 for deer and wild pig hunting and jacked up duck blind permits by a Benjamin to $400. Anglers and boaters also took a shot to the bow with new mooring and dry storage fees at two area reservoirs. Off-road vehicle parks also were hit with more modest increases, but increases nonetheless.

Hunters and anglers typically balk at minute increases in annual state hunting or fishing licenses. To have additional county fees, especially large ones such as these, imposed seems to be a harsh slap for hardworking folks enjoying the outdoors.

What about hikers, campers and bird-watchers? Do they get a pass from Stanislaus officials or will their fees for recreational use also be jacked up or created?

Hopefully, other county or city officials elsewhere won’t take the same tack and begin similar increases. With the amount of support – financial and otherwise – that hunters and anglers provide for conservation efforts through excise taxes, which aren’t paid on camping, hiking or birding gear, it’s a tough pill to swallow to have more fees imposed.

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