Hunters Given Incentive to Shoot More Does

Today’s feel-good deer story comes from Ohio where the DNR and the Farmers and
Hunters Feeding the Hungry group have teamed up to encourage hunters to shoot more
does this fall.

The state has provided a $100,000 subsidy grant to FHFH to help pay the processing
fee on donated venison.  The grant money is being provided in two $50,000 allotments
that are to be matched with funds generated or collected by FHFH.

“By providing hunters with an affordable outlet for donating extra venison, the division
hopes to ultimately encourage hunters to kill more does,” stated James Marshall, assistant
chief of the Division of Wildlife.

Finding ways to kill more does will help wildlife managers keep Ohio’s deer population
management plan on track. Deer hunters can again buy additional antlerless deer permits
at reduced prices for the 2008-09 deer-hunting season. Cost of the antlerless deer
permit remains at $15.  
Now over a decade old, FHFH has grown to include 120 local coordinators in 26 different
states. Annual meat donation totals have topped 300,000 pounds-enough to provide meat
for over 1.2 million meals-and are expected to increase even further in the coming