Poll Shows Restricted Access Hunters Spend Less Time Afield

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — Nearly half of the hunters who were restricted from places they tried to hunt reported they hunted less as a result, according to a recent HunterSurvey.com poll.

HunterSurvey.com results show 26 percent of those surveyed said access to where they hunt has been restricted in the past year. Of those respondents, 49.5 percent said they spent less time hunting while nearly 13 percent stopped hunting completely.

This online poll also showed 36 percent of those who were restricted from where they hunt lost no time afield.

The majority (31 percent) of those polled at HunterSurvey.com reported the reason for restricted access to their hunting spot was the landowner gave or leased or sold hunting rights to others. Another 25 percent of survey takers said the land was sold to a new owner who closed access.

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Restricted access occurred mainly on private lands, according to 73 percent of those who participated in the HunterSurvey.com poll while 22 percent reported restricted access on public land.

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