If Trees Could Talk

I attached a picture of a really old tree stand just off the trail I walk on
to get out to where I hunt. I have a few of these on the property that I hunt, there’s
just something about these old stands that catches my eye.
Seeing them always makes me imagine what it was like back in the day for the hunter
that used that stand. It’s not like they’re just a few years old, they’re 20, 30 years
old, or older. I can’t put my thumb on exactly why I like those old stands, I just
do. But I also know how dangerous they must have been … and still are!

Chris Kleist, D&DH Web Pro Staff, Wisconsin


One thought on “If Trees Could Talk

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    To the average person they don’t mean much more than an eye soar but, to hunters and outdoorsman like ourselves it signifies an age old tradition of deer hunting. A heritage that we today hope will last for our children and their children to come.Posted by: Rick Kratzke

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