Indiana Senator Fighting Bill To Allow Fenced Hunts, Says ‘It’s Not Hunting, Sporting’

Indiana’s top-ranking senator says he’ll work to kill a bill approved in a natural resources committee that would allow deer hunting preserves to stay open.

High fences can assist landowners seeking better quality management of their deer herds.

High fences can assist landowners seeking better quality management of their deer herds.

David Long, R-Fort Wayne, is the Senate Pro Tem and last week said he’ll attempt to block or kill Senate Bill 487. That bill has been approved by the Indiana House Committee on Natural Resources. The bill was amended, after debate, to grandfather five shooting preserves already operating in Indiana. It also would set seasons and regulations.

Long told reporters last week that he’ll fight the bill because he doesn’t believe the preserves present true hunting opportunities.

“It’s not hunting. It’s not sporting,” Long said in this report. “… I don’t think it’s a good idea for Indiana.”

This isn’t the first time Long has waded into the battle against high fence operations. He killed a similar bill last year. He also said when the bill approved by the resources committee hits the Senate he’ll remove the grandfather and seasons regulations amendment.

Proponents say the preserves provide revenue and economic opportunities for the state. It’s a big debate in several states, a clash of landowner rights, money and pro-choice proponents against those who see the high fence operations as “canned” hunts, unethical and a poor presentation of hunting.

Longtime hunter and musician Ted Nugent waded into a similar fight in Texas last week. He voiced his support of high fences and a person’s right to choose during a meeting of the Texas House Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee.

“There is a pulse of numb-nuts in this country that would ban this commission, ban hunting, ban low fence, ban high fence, ban feeders, ban crossbows, ban muzzle loaders,” Nugent said. “They would ban it all under the scam of what they may perceive to be as fair chase.”

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