Iowa: Details On the Chris Wood Buck

The e-mail accompanying the photo of the Chris Wood buck, reportedly taken in
Iowa, states:

Attached is a picture of a buck my buddy Chris Wood from Des Moines shot this Saturday,
December 6th with a shotgun during the 1st shotgun season.

He was hunting with a group of guys from Perficut Lawn Care, they were hunting in
Taylor county by Bedford, IA. It was Woody’s turn to post on this push. He was standing
just inside the timber when a group of does came running by. This buck just walked
by trailing the does, he was about 60 yards away when Woody shot. He only ran about
40 before piling up.

We scored the deer Sunday night and came up with a green score of 264-0/8″, it has
33 scorable points and it has one drop tine. If the score holds close, it will be
the 2nd largest buck harvested in Iowa; next to the Albia Buck.