Is Hunting Land Priced Out of Reach?

A recent report by put exact figures on a problem many hunters
face: the ever increasing prices of hunting land.

According to the report, national value of farm real estate climbed 13 percent over
the past year. Farmland values ranged from as high as $12,200 per acre in Massachusetts
to a low of $630 per acre in New Mexico. The highest cropland and pasture values were
found in New Jersey, while North Dakota had the lowest values. Top deer states Wisconsin,
Michigan and Minnesota averaged $4,070, $4,150 and $3,100, respectively per acre.
The national average was $2,350 per acre of farmland.

How much is hunting land in your area and will that keep you from purchasing recreational
property in the future?

One thought on “Is Hunting Land Priced Out of Reach?


    I have no idea what private land costs out here as we’re fortunate enough to have many many square miles of public land that has good hunting opportunities in Idaho and Oregon where we do most of our hunting. I know for sure if it cost thousands of dollars to hunt, I probably wouldn’t – there is just no way I’d be able to afford it.Posted by: Tom Sorenson

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