Kid Rock Trades Stage Fury for Deer Hunting, Big Bucks

Kid Rock, who's name is William Ritchie, killed this nice buck while on a hunt in Alabama.

Kid Rock, who’s name is Bob Ritchie, killed this nice buck while on a hunt in Alabama.

There’s absolutely no argument that can be logically made that Kid Rock doesn’t put on an intense, no-holds-barred jamfest concert when he’s touring the world pumping out his music and lyrics.

For about two decades the down ‘n dirty musician from Detroit has packed arenas and stoked audiences with massive light shows and music. But for the last few years, Bob Ritchie — Kid Rock’s given name — has retreated to the woods for quiet solitude as he’s developed his skills as a deer hunter.

About four years ago Ritchie contacted fellow Michigan rocker, Deer & Deer Hunting contributor diehard hunter Ted Nugent about getting into bowhunting. Nugent, of course, happily agreed and began helping his fellow rocker learn about bows, arrows and hunting. Since then things have taken off.

Ritchie even bought some land in southeast Alabama near another veteran musician and Alabama son, Hank Williams Jr. Their properties are in Pike County, which shares the same name as the more popular deer hunting Mecca in Illinois but without the same massive corn-fed bruisers. Still, Alabama turns out some pretty good deer each season.

Ritchie connected on one of those Bama bucks during the current season and Nugent shared a photo of him with the buck (above) on his Facebook page. Nugent wrote:

“Gotta call from my fellow MotorCity RockDog KidRock very Xcited about his big AL buck! I’m afraid the man is hooked on the Great Spirit of the Wild now! Way2GO Bob! CongratSalute my Motown Michiganiac SoulMusic venison BloodBrother! Watch how much more sexy his music will be now!! GoKidGO!!”

Pretty cool! Congrats to Ritchie and a big salute to joining the backstrap brotherhood!

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