Kill Hogs, Yotes With Extreme Prejudice

South Carolina’s Legislature apparently has had enough with problems caused by feral hogs and coyotes.

Coyotes are under the gun in South Carolina. (Photo: SCDNR)

The Palmetto State’s not big but it’s big enough and has enough swamps, forests and ag lands to make hogs feel at home. Coyotes just hang out because they can, along with having enough deer and other critters to sustain them. Even the lowly armadillo is coming under the crosshairs.

Hunters, landowners and the public have had enough of the terrible trio. South Carolina’s Legislature is taking a look at allowing just about anything to get rid of them: hunting at night, lights, laser sights and bait.

“What we’re talking about is killing,” Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Laurens, said in a story last week in The State. “We’re not talking about hunting. We need to take these animals out any way we can.”

Almost every state in the Southeast has relaxed or is considering relaxing regulations about killing these pests. Biologists and hunters have been saying this needs to be done for years. Maybe, perhaps, it’s not too late to knock back the populations in a severe way.

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What do you think about relaxing the regulations for killing hogs, coyotes and armadillos? They destroy crops, can leave holes in farmland that can harm livestock and are killers of wild game. Should there be a no-holds barred open season on them?

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