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A mount displays a replica of the famous King buck.

A mount displays a replica of the famous King buck. (Photo by Shane Indrebo, courtesy of

The Johnny King rack is a typical 6×6 (12-point) and for the most part, very symmetrical. The rack contains no abnormal points. The right G-3 is 3 6/8 inches shorter than the left. That measurement makes up over half of the difference between the two sides. The G-2s and G-3s are close together on both sides, but do not share a common base.

If you score the rack according to the rules in Boone & Crockett’s latest scoring manual, you have to answer the following questions:

Question: Are all points coming off the top of the main beam?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the right G-3 out of the pattern or sequence on the rack?

Answer:  No, it clearly has a matching point in the same location on the other beam.

Question: Do length differences in matching tines cause one or both to be abnormal points?

Answer: No, all difference in the length of points are accounted for in the “Difference” column. The tines are still considered to be “typical.”

Question: Points that grow close together must allow for a 1/4-inch steel tape to be placed between them in a flat position allowing for the “circumference” measurement. Can a 1/4-inch steel tape be placed between the G-2 and G-3 tines on this rack?

Answer: Yes, with room to spare.

Does Boone & Crockett Ever Change Its Mind?

Nearly all of Boone & Crockett’s hundreds of official measurers are volunteers. They go to a great deal of trouble and personal expense to score game. Most take considerable pride in what they do. When B&C reverses an entry score, it can embarrass the measurers involved.

That does not mean it never changes its mind. Just as with the King buck, numerous experts have disagreed with rulings that came down from the top.


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