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Countless official scorers of the Boone & Crockett Club examined the Johnny King Buck. Nearly all of them determined the rack qualifies for typical status under B&C rules.

Several of those scorers, including esteemed members Ron Boucher of Vermont and John Ramsey of Wisconsin, calculated net typical scores exceeding the current world
record, the Milo Hanson Buck. Their net scores have ranged from 213-6/8 to
215-2/8 B&C inches. The gross scores have come in at more than 220 inches.

The accompanying chart, courtesy of Buckmasters Trophy Records, is the
official entry score calculated by Mike Handley of Buckmasters. BTR does not
recognize inside spread in its scoring system. However, Handley’s gross
score of 219-5/8 is spot on with what the other B&C official measurers have

BTR Score Sheet


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