Do You Know How Ticks Become Infected and Harm You?

Alabama’s deer season ended on Feb. 10 and the next day I met three buddies and their dogs to go squirrel hunting from sunrise to sunset. After seeing more than 15 squirrels while I was vainly looking for a deer just 24 hours earlier, I figured it would be a slam dunk to put some bushytails in our bag.

Alas, we saw none. It was terribly hot and dry — not really conducive to good scent trailing — but we had a solid time talking and being in the woods. I also got a few more ideas for next deer season and will be working on those in the coming weeks before summer arrives.

What I didn’t think about was ticks. Who thinks of ticks in February, even in Alabama? But danged if on Sunday morning I found a small tick attached to my hip. Stupid ticks.

Check out this video about how ticks become infected, and be aware of these nasty critters this year when you’re in the woods and fields.




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