Learn a Great Call For Whitetail Deer From a Master on Deer Talk Now

When, how and at what volume do you use a buck grunt or deer bleat in the early or middle part of your deer season?

Those are among the questions most frequently asked of Jerry Peterson of Woods Wise Products, makers of calling products for deer, big game, turkeys and predators. Peterson will answer those questions and discuss other great calling and hunting tactics on Deer Talk Now when he joins the live webcast Wednesday as its special guest.

Peterson will visit with you and Deer Talk Now hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting on the live, 1-hour live webcast that airs at 12 p.m. Central from Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters. Deer Talk Now is presented by Mathews, Carbon Express and ICOtec.

Your questions are critical to Wednesday’s show, so send them in on the “Deer Talk Now” webpage now. Submit a question to be considered and you will join the pool eligible to win coolprizes that could include the Deer & Deer Hunting Lunar Calendar, Carbon Express Arrows, venison cookbooks and more!

Peterson will be answering your questions, and he’ll also explain the powerful call does make when vocalizing to other deer and fawns as well as the “lost fawn” bleat that often sends does into a frenzy. Does want to protect the fawn, of course, and bucks are sometimes curious about what’s happening.  Peterson’s seen some wild things in the woods when deer are responding to calls, and he’ll spill the beans about some of his secrets.

Peterson calls this social vocalization the “ma-mah bleat” and he’s pretty darn good at it. The call plays to the maternal instincts of the doe and once you learn how to use it correctly it can be quite successful. The call also is great for coyote hunters, should you be interested in thinning your predators.

What is the ma-mah call? Find out Wednesday from Peterson when he joins Schmidt and Rucks on Deer Talk Now. Send your questions in now for Peterson.

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