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It’s common knowledge that in nearly every locale north of the 35th latitude the majority of all whitetail breeding takes place during November. For Southern hunters peak activity is delayed about a month. But we also know peak rutting activity doesn’t occur the same time from year to year. This all depends on when the second full moon after the autumn equinox occurs.

DDH October 2015 coverHuh?

No worries, we’ve done the math for you. In the October issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, whitetail behavioral experts Charlie Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche have crunched the numbers and come up with the exact time periods you should concentrate your efforts in the woods this autumn. Now all you have to do is convince your boss to give you the time off.

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Issue highlights:

  • Have you always assumed that the most dominant and physically superior bucks do most of the breeding? Well, that might not necessarily be so. New DNA studies show that contrary to previous thought, white-tailed bucks apparently do not form a strict hierarchy wherein only the biggest and baddest bucks get all the ladies. Biologist John Ozoga will tell you why in this issue of D&DH.
  • Nothing boosts success rates better than targeting the right stand at precisely the right time. Luckily, D&DH regular Steve Bartyllas says it’s actually pretty easy to do. He’ll share some of his best tips in this issue.
  • After lots of hard work and careful planning you’ve blown it – spooking a big buck off your best stand or missing an easy chip shot. Now what? D&DH contributor Patrick Meitin lays out a step-by-step process for getting back up on that horse and riding it again.
  • It’s one thing to outmaneuver a wary white-tailed buck, but what about getting the jump on those other two-legged predators that are after that same buck? In this issue, D&DH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt examines five surefire tactics for staying a step ahead of other hunters.
  • Think you need a new rifle? Maybe not. There are a number of ways you can improve your old faithful deer rifle to eke out every bit of accuracy possible. If you have an old, familiar rifle that isn’t performing well, but you hate to part with, then why not give it an upgrade. Learn how in this issue.
  • What could be more fun than hunting whitetails in the thick brush country of South Texas? How ‘bout hunting them with an AR-platform rifle? D&DH contributor Brian McCombie packs his Remington R25 and heads to the Lone Star State for hunt he won’t soon forget.

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