Long Shot Turns Into Trophy Whitetail Buck!

Rev. Gevan Spinney couldn’t believe he was looking at such a good buck, and then he couldn’t believe the distance.

But on Nov. 16, the Louisiana hunter dropped a 12-point buck while hunting in Lincoln Parish that scored almost 166 inches. Spinney told Louisiana Sportsman he thought the deer was closer at first look.

“When the buck stepped out, my eyeball estimate was about 250 yards,” Spinney explained. “When I found the buck and put the range finder back on my box stand, I was astounded that the distance was actually 347 yards.”

Spinney had seen a smaller buck and let it walk since was going to be hunting with his son the next day. Spinney had been hunting in the club on this parish property for 20 years and knew there were some good bucks there.

But no one had seen this high-racked whitetail before he stepped out in front of Spinney.

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