Lucky Hunt

Scouting for Whitetail has always been a big part of my hunting techniques. I hunted the same area for 19 years until sawmill’s thirst swallowed the mature trees in my prime hunting zone. I was now in search of a new Whitetail Hunting Territory.
My co-worker mentioned that I was welcome to join his hunting party, this was in 1998. I was not too keen joining 7 hunters in what I thought was a small hunting zone, but I agreed to do a scouting excursion. These guys had been hunting this area for 4 years and never harvested a deer. They said there were lots of signs, but they had never seen a live whitetail there.
My first scouting trip revealed they were right, lots of signs. I marked a tree in an area that was familiar to them and suggested they put a tree stand there. The season ended with 2 of the hunting party harvesting each a 10 point mature whitetail buck from that tree stand, that made me feel good.
These guys were hunting a small part of a fairly large expansion. I decided to scout and explore one mile north of that zone, but it was the 3rd week of Deer Hunting Season. I was amazed of the amount of whitetail deer signs there. I came across a deer trail that had 3 scrapes within 60 feet. A heavy frost that morning had been scraped so fresh I could almost smell that buck.
The next morning, I checked the scrape line again to reveal that the buck was indeed in full rut. I spent the rest of that Saturday hunting hard and trying to figure out the area, feeding zone, bedding areas and deer trails. On Sunday, I spent most of the day at home going over in my head what strategy I was going to use on Monday.
The birthday party went way too late Sunday night and I woke up late, 7:00 am Monday morning. I grabbed my gear, rushed out, drove to the area and ran to the approaching spot by 8:30 am. Then I snuck into the prevailing wind, found a cover to sit behind on the ground where I could see the scrapes.
The late night, the exhaustion and the anticipation got the best of me and I fell asleep. I woke up in a daze to crashing noise, not sure where I was. When I got my bearings, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A nine point whitetail buck was pawing at one of the scrapes. The explosion from my 308 woke me up for sure, and down went this trophy buck.
I field dressed the animal and walked out to get some help for the retrieval. Dad was too happy to attach a strap to his three wheeler, take that deer home for skinning.
I lost a lot of pictures from past hunts. The picture here is from my last hunt, 3 years ago.

Name: Henri P Cormier
City: Moncton
State: NB

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