Maine Looks to Bolster Deer Herd by Killing Coyotes

Looks like Maine is taking its dwindling deer herd problem to heart, starting with coyotes.

From Reuters:

Maine hunting organizations have been asking for a stronger herd-management plan for
some time. Of the state’s 1.2 million residents, some 146,000 are hunters, and another
30,000 hunters come from out of state each year.

Deer hunting provides an estimated 4,500 jobs, said Chandler Woodcock, commissioner
of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The new program, which would allow hunters to lure coyotes with bait and hunt with
dogs, is not a bounty, Woodcock said.

“We’re not talking about a wide-scale effort,” he said.

Hunters will be sent into areas with a known problem and paid a per-diem rate as well
as some mileage costs, he said.

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Is this a good idea? Are there other ways the Maine deer herd could be bolstered?
Let us know what you think.