Major Poaching Case Wrapped After Investigation

A three-year investigation into a widespread poaching case yielded multiple arrests and involved dozens of conservation officers working undercover to crack the case.

As reported in depth here by the Casper Star-Tribune, 38 conservation officers wrapped the case after a day of interviewing 65 people and serving four search warrants. Nearly 20 people in 12 states were involved, officials, said, and have been charged with nearly $300,000 in fines and restitution. Five are now felons, according to the report.

The case began when two Oregon hunters on a trip to Wyoming encountered guides who were transferring licenses or told them not to worry about paperwork after one killed a bull elk. The second hunter declined to shoot an animal, sensing something wasn’t right, and after returning home they contacted authorities.

That sparked the beginning of a deep investigation into the transfer of licenses and tags, mis-tagged animals and improper paperwork regarding licenses and reporting.

Definitely take time to read the story here to find out the depth of the cover-up and how investigators cracked the case after more than 3,500 hours of work.