Make Room for Your Favorite Deer Hunting Knife


If you’re a fan of quality knives, you’ll love this hand-crafted version made exclusively for Deer & Deer Hunting by American Knife Company.

This strong, custom knife has a classic design with a modern twist on an old favorite of deer camps across North America. Micarta handles offer a firm grip in slippery conditions common to bad weather, field dressing, butchering and the rugged demands of the hunt. A healthy dose of chromium in the A2 steel blade means it’ll stand up to the worst you can throw at it. The drop point blade design is as versatile as it comes, ready to make any task at deer camp a treat.

Three great things about having your own custom hunting knife:
— It’s perfectly designed for tasks in the field, such as cleaning a deer or when you’re working in summer putting up stands;
— It’s great at deer camp for tasks at the skinning shed or even in the kitchen;
—You know it’s not mass-produced and will last for many years along with being limited edition … you’ll be one of a few deer hunters with this special knife. It can be passed on to future generations, too.

You’ll find it perfect for field dressing tasks and all around use in the hunting camp.

Check out these great knives and more photos, and order yours. They make great gifts for hunting season and Christmas, too.