Massive Deer Fraud Alleged in Shocking Charges

Stunning charges and allegations concerning white-tailed deer used for extensive insurance fraud have been leveled against more than 40 residents of a northeast state, one of them an alleged mob associate already facing two trials, following a lengthy investigation and grand jury proceedings.

Ronald Galati Sr.

Ronald Galati Sr.

Forty-one people in Philadelphia, Pa., are alleged to be involved in a wide-ranging investigation alleging significant insurance fraud, corruption, intimidation and other charges. The purported scheme reportedly involved falsifying vehicle accidents and saying the damage was due to a collision with deer.

According to multiple reports here and here, officials allege that Ronald Galati Sr. of Philadelphia, owner of American Collision and Auto Center in the city, orchestrated the plan. They allege that Galati Sr. supervised a wide network of family members, insurance adjustors, tow truck drivers, a city official and a Philadelphia Police Department officer in order to defraud insurance companies and the city.

Among those charged are his wife, Vicki, and their son, Ronald Galati Jr. Fourteen arrests had been made as of May 29 and police were seeking 27 others to be arrested.

According to the report at, Galati Sr. also is alleged to be a “mob associate” and is awaiting trial in two other cases, one of them federal, on charges he ordered or paid to have three people killed.

The same report also said Galati Sr. and his auto repair business “also figured in the federal racketeering conspiracy case against reputed mob capo George Borgesi. Last year, star prosecution witness Louis “Bent Finger Lou” Monacello regaled a federal jury in Philadelphia with tales of two young mobsters in their youth. He and Borgesi, Monacello said, were paid by Galati to vandalize the cars of his own customers.”

In regard to deer and the alleged fake collisions, Galati Sr.’s auto center reportedly had deer hair, deer blood and carcasses to be used in photos for insurance claim submissions.

Over a 16-month period, the Philadelphia grand jury heard extensive testimony about the alleged insurance fraud before reaching its decision. Galati Sr. has been charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Intimidation and Retaliation.