Mayor Calls Deer ‘Domesticated Animals’ After Men Charged

The mayor of a Detroit suburb jumped on his high horse and blasted two men arrested for shooting a deer within the city limits, calling the deer a “domesticated animal” and publicly urging a judge to apply the maximum punishment.

The mayor, Jim Fouts of Warren, Mich., also called the two men “predators” and said in a press release he would “be sitting in the courtroom to be certain they pay for their crimes.”

Sounds like a bit of government intrusion between the executive and judicial branches, but that’s for someone else to take up should Fouts continue his animal rights circus act through the media.

According to the Detroit Free Press, 19-year old Myles Ehret of Royal Oak and 27-year old William Francis of Riverview have been charged with cruelty to animals for using a bow and arrow to kill a deer in with city limits. The newspaper described that charge as “a four-year felony,” whatever that means, and were released on $10,000 bond each. The newspaper said police are investigating further.

The newspaper said the mayor was outraged an wants the judge to “inflict the maximum fine,” adding that probation is “not satisfactory.” Is this guy as tough on drug dealers and other criminals in his area? Hunting is prohibited within the city limits, so being aggravated is one thing. Acting like these guys ran drugs through a children’s orphanage with automatic weapons and a Mexican cartel for protection is another.

Neither Francis nor Ehret provided comment to the newspaper. When law enforcement officials found their vehicle and talked with the two, they discovered a bow, blood-stained clothes, corn and other hunting items. Police said Francis had an archery hunting license from the state but had failed to record the deer with the tagging requirement.

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