Michigan Says No to Antler Point Restrictions

There will be no government-mandated antler-point restrictions for hunters pursuing white-tailed bucks this fall in Michigan. Personal choice won over government-mandated statewide antler point restrictions during the Michigan Natural Resources Commission summer meeting July 13 about the 2017 hunting season.

Some hunters wouldn’t think twice about shooting this deer while others wouldn’t even consider it. Who is right? Both of them, because hunters have to make their own choices and shouldn’t worry about what someone else’s decision because everyone’s different. (Photo copyright Daniel E. Schmidt)

The NRC met to hear proposals about statewide APRs and APRs in certain counties. The statewide proposal was the biggest thing on the agenda, though, with hunters on both sides of the issue in attendance to voice their opinions.

“There were some good points made, but not every area in the state will grow three (antler points) on a side,” Creagh told MLive.com outdoor writer Cory Olsen, referencing the requested minimum points. “So the real question is, how do you make sure that you have a high-quality experience but culling out those spikes that ought to be culled. It’s not as straight-forward as either side says. It really is about a quality deer hunting experience and how you do that in a landscape.”

Comments from hunters on Olsen’s report were good and bad:

woodworker50 — If I were an antler hunter, I would quit hunting or go out of state!

Voreason — Another angel just lost her wings. Looks like another year of watching 65# super spikes coming home on mini-vans with a trail of beats, corn, and xbow bolts behind them. Pure Michigan I guess. Sure would be nice to hunt the rut in Michigan someday rather than driving 15 hours west to see legitimate deer. Thanks for trying gentlemen.

Carl — This is too bad as the antler restriction in Lake County has been extreemely successful.  I have never met one single deer hunter who disagrees.This decision was most likely driven by special interest from insurance companies.  Too bad the DNR is so political.

AreukiddingMe — This why the hunting sucks in Michigan and always will.

Youthineyesdog Ashamed, I am, how many of my fellow Michiganders think a successful deer hunt is based on antler points.

Olsen talked with Sam Morello, president of the Michigan Bowhunters Association. He said his group was about 56 percent in favor of the APRs.

“There are some people who aren’t going to be happy about that,” Morello said. “There will be some disappointment. Probably something will happen next time, it’s a three year cycle.”