Mississippi DWFP Hires First Female Director of Wildlife

JACKSON, Miss. — The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) has chosen its first female Director of Wildlife Resources with the hiring of Amy Blaylock, the agency announced Wednesday.

NEWS Amy Blaylock Mississippi Director of Wildlife

Amy Blaylock

The announcement comes after the hiring of Russ Walsh as the Wildlife Executive Staff Officer.

“We are proud to have Amy accept this leadership role within the agency’s Wildlife Bureau, and are certain her previous agency experience with the White-tailed Deer, Wildlife Management Area (WMA), and grants programs has prepared her well for this position,” said Executive Director Dr. Sam Polles.

As the East Central Region WMA biologist, Blaylock has been responsible for all management activities on 11 WMAs. During this time, she also has served as Wildlife Restoration Coordinator and, in this position, has been responsible for writing and managing grants that assist in funding the Wildlife Bureau.

“I am excited about the opportunity to serve as Director of Wildlife Resources,” Blaylock said. “I am deeply dedicated to MDWFP and believe that we are a critical entity in managing wildlife in Mississippi.”

Blaylock, who has a bachelor’s degree in forestry and wildlife management and a master’s in wildlife science from Mississippi State, has been a biologist with the MDWFP since 2007.

“The Wildlife Bureau staff is a dedicated and passionate group that wants to improve the management of all wildlife species in Mississippi,” Blaylock said.. “It is a true privilege to lead this group and I will work diligently to make MDWFP and the Wildlife Bureau leaders in conservation.”