More Muzzleloader Bucks on the Ground and In Your Pocket This Season

If you’ve ever had the fun of shooting a muzzleloader, whether it’s a modern inline version or an older traditional flintlock, you know how much fun they can be at the range or for hunting.

Muzzleloading is a blast thanks to improvements in rifles, optics and ammo. DDH Managing Editor Alan Clemons killed this buck with the Thompson-Center Strike muzzleloader at the Chain Ranch in Oklahoma in October 2015.

Muzzleloaders today are fantastic, to be honest. Technological advancements have improved accuracy, cleaning is far easier than with blackpowder, accuracy and distance are greater, and many states have special muzzleloader seasons for deer or other game animals.

And some states or agencies offer special seasons for traditional muzzleloaders. So if you want to go forth with a scoped inline or a flintlock, numerous opportunities exist. Variety is great, eh?

Thompson Center Arms has some superb rifles and a long tradition among hunters. Now they’re offering the chance for you to put a few bucks in your pocket and on the ground this season.

From July 15 to Dec. 31, a purchase of any new T/C firearm will be eligible for a rebate of up to $75. This rebate covers all T/C products: Compass, Venture, Dimension, Encore prohunter (full guns and frames), G2 Contenders (full guns and frames), Triumph, Triumph Bone Collector, Strike and Impact.

That’s an outstanding deal, and with the rebate you can buy accessories or whatever else you need to hit the range and then hit the woods for deer season. Pretty cool!