Mossberg Built-Rugged Adventures Celebrates Hunting, Shooting and Our Great Outdoors Heritage

The Mossberg lifestyle is one for the rugged, the go-getters and those who have a passion for all things outdoors. Mossberg Built-Rugged Adventures, produced by Mossberg in conjunction with F+W Media, Inc. and Deer & Deer Hunting, is a wealth of information on those things that Mossberg holds dear, namely hunting, firearms safety, shooting sports and the outdoor life.

Mossberg SIPSince its founding in 1919, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. has been pioneering the development of new firearms products. Mossberg Built-Rugged Adventures joins that innovative spirit with a cross-section of top outdoors and gun writers to give readers a collection of articles on the best the outdoor world has to offer.

The 100-page special issue not only features products, but also a range of editorial features, touching on topics that include whitetail and big game hunting, 3-Gun competitions, waterfowling, home defense, firearms safety and storage, and mentoring young people and newcomers into hunting.

Experts discuss chasing down hogs in “Hunting Wild Hogs the Mossberg Way” and readers get a peek at the FLEX shotgun system in the article “FLEX Time for Sea Ducks.” Noteworthy contributors include Clint Smith, Handgun Training for Personal Protection author Richard Mann, veteran freelancer Brian McCombie and Ron Spomer Outdoors’ Ron Spomer.

This is the first collaborative publication between Mossberg and F+W Media, Inc. Firearms fans can pick up their copy of Mossberg Built-Rugged Adventures on newsstands everywhere and in digital formats on Aug. 27.