Muzzleloader Deer Permit Applications Available Now

Vermont’s muzzleloader antlerless deer hunting permit applications are now available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s website.

A quick-link to the information and application is provided on the home page.

“It’s a really quick and easy process that ensures your entry is immediately entered into the lottery,” said Deer Project Leader Adam Murkowski. “Plus, it saves postage. We encourage you to use the online application because it is more efficient for you and for us. Be sure to apply before the Aug. 29 deadline.”

The Fish and Wildlife Board met on June 19 and approved the number of December muzzleloader permits at 14,400 for 20 of the state’s 24 Wildlife Management Units, to allow antlerless hunting during the archery season in all WMUs except WMU-E, and to allow any deer to be taken during youth deer hunting weekend.

Biologists expect hunters who receive the permits will take about 2,469 antlerless deer in the muzzleloader season and an estimated additional 3,333 antlerless deer in youth and archery seasons.

“The past two winters have been below average in severity, and these conditions are beneficial to Vermont’s deer herd. Therefore, it is important that hunters continue to harvest antlerless deer to ensure the number of deer remains appropriate for the available habitat in each of Vermont’s 24 Wildlife Management Units,” said Murkowski.