Mystery of Disappearing Deer Heads Lands Woman In Cuffs

Two women and a man, arguments, deer heads, a motor home, alleged theft … some days you can’t make up this kind of story.

handcuffsA Florida woman was arrested after two deer heads were left in her possession by a couple who had stayed with her for a brief time. The trio argued, the couple departed and took most of their stuff — but not the deer heads. Those stayed with the woman who let the couple stay with her, and she put the heads in her motor home.

OK, so far we have the making of a bad Bing Crosby-type road movie on two bottles of cheap hooch, a pack of unfiltered smokes and no firm destination. We just need a snake, fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror and a NASCAR race on the radio.

Oh, but wait. There’s more.

The woman who was tossed (after the argument) returned for the heads. The woman who had them said she couldn’t take them, and later after more back-and-forth with the man (who was tossed, after the argument) the two deer heads couldn’t be found.

An alleged exchange of money was to have been involved between the couple and the woman, too, of course. Money? What money? Where are the deer? That neighbor has them? He doesn’t? Holy whitetails! Who has the moonshine? Let’s turn this into a partay!

The two deer heads have not been recovered. Yet. Perhaps they’re cruising the country.

Read the full story here in the Northwest Florida Daily News.