New Hunting Fitness Video Series: Fit to Kill with Brittany Jill

Whether you’re an East Coast treestand hunter or a West Coast spot-and-stalk whitetail fanatic, deer hunting can be strenuous on your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. Combine this with the fact that America’s hunting demographic is trending older, and it can be a recipe for disaster for the individual who doesn’t take the pastime seriously.

So, Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to introduce Brittany Jill, a kickboxing instructor and certified personal trainer who happens to be an avid whitetail bowhunter. In the new video series Fit to Kill, Brittany Jill will provide top-end information and instruction to help deer hunters become healthier, and ultimately more successful in the field.

Brittany Jill is the host of the exclusive DDH web series “Fit to Kill with Brittany Jill.”

Some folks might think of deer hunting as simply an effortless spectator sport. Just casually stroll out to the woods, sit down and wait for a deer to walk by — that doesn’t sound so tough, right. For some, it might be that easy, and that’s fine for them. But for others, there’s often a lot more activity involved. It could be just pulling back the string of a bow, walking farther or climbing up and down hills, slogging through a swamp, carrying a heavy pack full of gear, climbing into a treestand, and hopefully dragging out a tagged deer.

Sitting in a treestand or ground blind from sunup to sundown is no walk in the park either. Especially several days in a row during the rut. Enduring extreme heat, cold, rain or snow and everything in between, on top of very early mornings and late nights, can all take a toll on a deer hunter’s body.

We always hear about fitness and eating better and exercise and all of that stuff. It’s all well and good, and sure it’s better for your health overall. But some of us just don’t feel we have the extra time to dedicate, or the need to become a bodybuilder or marathon runner. Plus, it can be pretty intimidating to start going to a gym or exercise class alone, somewhat unsure of what exercises to do or how to properly use the equipment.

Just like with different commitment levels of deer hunting, there are different levels of fitness to fit everyone’s personal goals and life situations. No, you don’t have to become a bodybuilder or marathon runner, and no, you don’t have to cut all of the tasty food out of your diet. You don’t even have to join a gym. But, everyone can do something to become more fit and more healthy, even just a little at a time. It will benefit your life overall, it will certainly benefit your hunting and your ability to enjoy all of the activities involved with it.

That’s where Fit to Kill comes in, as the show will explain and demonstrate simple, basic exercises related to hunting activities that take very little time and can be performed just about anywhere outside, at home or in a gym setting. Stick with it, and you will see improvements. Look for new episodes of Fit to Kill every Tuesday on, YouTube and Facebook.