No Clues Yet in Story of Mysterious ‘Don’t Miss’ Whitetail Buck

This 10-point buck, killed legally by a young hunter, sports two ear tags with a message. Minnesota DNR officials are investigating whether the deer, which tested positive for chronic wasting disease, was released from a deer farm. (Photo: Minnesota DNR)

One of the strangest deer hunting tales involves a big 10-point buck, killed legally by a hunter, sporting two red ear tags and a message on each of the plastic tags.

On one tag was the word “Don’t” and on the other, “Miss.”

It’s funny, but also not funny. The deer was killed near Lanesboro, Minn., in Fillmore county, which is a special chronic wasting disease management zone. Now the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is investigating whether someone released the deer and if it could be a contributor to the CWD problems in the county.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that in the last year at least 16 deer killed in the county zone have been positive for CWD. That’s the biggest number in the state in wild deer. The ear-tagged deer sporting the “Don’t Miss” message was seen on game camera images since August 2016.

Minnesota DNR officials are asking for the public’s help with any information about the ear-tagged buck or others via its “Turn in Poachers” telephone hotline. The number is 1-800-652-9093.