Northeast Governor Does Something Totally Unexpected for Hunting

Due to politics and the tug of war between the two major parties, the Northeast portion of the United States often gets everything lumped into one giant pot of stereotyping and rhetorical mess.

Delaware deer

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That covers everything from whatever’s on the hardcore political agenda about schools, roads and such to even the wildlife arena. Fairly or unfairly, wildlife agencies get stirred into the mix and often their missions and the works of good folks with good intentions get the proverbial mud slung on them.

But this week some good news came out of Delaware, where Gov. Jack Markell signed a proclamation making National Hunting & Fishing Day a full week. Markell’s signature turned NHFD into a weeklong celebration, Sept. 27-Oct. 3, and called it Delaware Hunting & Fishing Week.

That’s kind of cool. Markell said the move was to celebrate Delaware’s hunting and fishing heritage and the economic contributions to the state.

“Delawareans and visitors are encouraged to enjoy our state’s many outdoor activities and to celebrate the conservation of our wildlife and fish resources, not just on National Hunting and Fishing Day, but every day all year,” said Fish and Wildlife Director David Saveikis. “This year, we wanted to extend a special week-long thank you to our hunters and anglers for their contributions to our conservation work in Delaware.”

Delaware’s nearly 17,000 licensed recreational hunters and over 82,000 licensed recreational anglers generate $9.95 million in license revenues and matching federal funds each year. More than $210 million is generated annually in economic impact and about 1,900 jobs are supported by the hunting and fishing industries.

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