NRA Urges Support of California GFC Chief Wednesday

The National Rifle Association is urging its members and outdoorsmen to attend a Wednesday morning meeting in support of Dan Richards, the embattled California Game and Fish Commission chairman under fire from animal rights activists.

The commission meeting is set for 8:30 a.m. (Pacific) at the Mission Inn in Riverside, where a packed room is expected. Richards came under intense criticism recently after a photograph surfaced of him and a mountain lion he killed on a legal hunting trip in Idaho.

Veteran outdoor writer Ed Zieralski of the San Diego Union-Tribune has followed the story since it broke a few weeks ago. In this report late Tuesday afternoon at, he writes that NRA officials are urging members and outdoorsmen to attend the meeting or contact California legislators in support of Richards and hunting.

California prohibits mountain lion hunting and has protected the big cats for decades following a successful push by animal rights activists. They got their pants in a knot after news of Richards’ hunting trip became public, and then the Humane Society along with 40 Democratic legislators joined the fray.

Why? Because they claimed Richards shouldn’t have been hunting a species protected in California and it didn’t look good for him to be doing so in his role as conservation commission chairman.

Since then, the Humane Society has said it would not officially attend the meeting and the legislators have backed off. Richards, a Republican appointed by then- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008, is a native of West Virginia. His commission term expires in 2013.

Read Zieralski’s full report here: Click this link