Nugent Receives Top Honor

Legendary bowhunter Fred Bear, left, was one of Ted Nugent's staunchest supporters.

Legendary bowhunter Fred Bear, left, was one of Ted Nugent’s staunchest supporters. This meeting of the bowhunting greats occurred in the early 1980s.

Ted Nugent rocked Springfield, Mo., on Sept. 3 but it wasn’t at an arena on his acclaimed 2016 Sonic Baptizm concert tour. This special stop was at the Archery Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where Nugent was honored with the Dave Staples Golden Award of Merit.

Named for archery veteran Dave Staples, who was lauded for more than 50 years of involvement in archery and bowhunting, Nugent is the first to receive the award. And it is close to the outdoorsman’s heart.

“I am honored and humbled to the core,” said Nugent, upon being introduced by archery icon Dick Mauch and M.R. James. “The mighty, mystical flight of the arrow has guided my spirit straight and TruNorth my entire American Dream life.”

Nugent went on to recognize his personal bow and arrow heroes such as Howard Hill, Ben Pearson, Ishi, and of course, the late, great Fred Bear. Nugent immortalized Bear in the classic hit by the same name, thus introducing millions of sporters and non-sporters alike to the bowhunting legend. Nugent concluded his segment with a heartfelt performance of Fred Bear for the audience of industry notables.

Among other honors, Nugent has been named Archery Commissioner for the Great Lakes State Games, Favorite Hunting Personality by readers of Outdoors Magazine, Michigan Conservationist of the Year, and Top 25 Most Influential by Outdoor Life magazine. Nugent has also received the James Fenimore Cooper Award for his accomplishments as a writer, and for his enormous contributions to the promotion of hunting and the outdoor lifestyle.


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