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Nugent Still Supports Romney, Even Though Republican Lied

Ted Nugent still supports Mitt Romney, even though Romney is lying

by Daniel E. Schmidt

I just got off the phone with Ted Nugent, and the voice I heard wasn’t one of a man who is scared or in turmoil.

What I heard was the same firebrand that has rocked stadiums and inspired millions of American deer hunters.

“Life is good, Dan,” said Nugent while eating into the phone. “I’m enjoying the most splendid venison scramble, and my band and I are getting fired up to play Dallas tonight. This is going to be the greatest tour of my life.”

Yesterday, Nugent plead guilty to killing a black bear illegally three years ago in Alaska. Although many folks in the know claim that Nugent was unfairly targeted in a “witch hunt,” Nugent said he cannot talk publicly about the incident.

“Right now, I’m inspired to live life to the fullest … as I have always done.”

When asked if he would still support Mitt Romney (R) in his run for president, Nugent did not hesitate. “Absolutely. I will support him 100 percent.”

Nugent pledged his support of Romney despite the Romney campaigns claims that the republican never reached out to Nugent for his support in early March. As reported earlier this week on deeranddeerhunting.com, Romney did, in fact, reach out to Nugent.

Nugent kicked off his nationwide rock-n-roll tour last night by playing in front of 3,000 fans at a concert in Houston.

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