Owner of Controversial Captive Deer Farm Arrested, Charged

The owner of a controversial captive deer farming operation has been charged with multiple felonies following an investigation after his facility was given a state-mandated quarantine.

Ohio-Division-Wild-Life-405.jpgDepending on what may be uncovered because the investigation still is ongoing, more charges could be added. For now, though, Daniel Yoder, the owner of World Class Whitetails in Millersburg, Ohio, is charged with two counts of tampering with evidence in relation to his high-fence white-tailed deer farm.

The charges are third-degree felonies. Steve Knowling, the Holmes County prosecutor, said Yoder was charged because his alleged actions happened after the state put his deer facility on quarantine. The quarantine was put into effect April 24, 2014, due to concerns about chronic wasting disease. With the quarantine, no deer could be brought into or moved from the farm, state officials said.

Erica Hawkins, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said in the report that state officials found more issues, some “more egregious” than previously thought. More charges could be filed against Yoder pending the results of the continued investigation.


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