Stay updated on the latest news going on in the whitetail world! From jaw-dropping record bucks, news from state agencies and organizations and weird happenings with deer and deer hunters, the D&DH team stays on top of all things deer.

Pursuit Channel Saturday Night Deer Camp

Deer Camp Opens Saturday on Pursuit Channel

DEER CAMP starts this Saturday! Four shows, 2 hours of nonstop deer hunting action. First up, Season 14 of Deer & Deer Hunting TV with a special tribute to the late, great Charles Alsheimer. This show will be followed by Season 7 of both Destination Whitetail and Land of Whitetail and capped with the award-winning Mossy...

The Best Brassicas for Deer Food Plots

Initially used for cover crops, soil conservation and forage for domestic animals, brassicas have taken off like wildfire for deer food plots because of their ease of growing, high protein content, productivity and low planting costs.
Florida Deer Hunting Dogs

Court Overturns Florida Deer Hunting Dogs Case

The use of deer hunting dogs will continue in Northwest Florida following an appeals court decision. Florida residents whose property abutted the Blackwater Management Area waged a lengthy legal battle that began in 2016 against this type of hunting, arguing that it “infringed on their property and created a nuisance,” the...

Easton Arrows

Easton Arrows Recognized as Top Brand

Southwick Associates, the top market research firm for the outdoor recreation industry, just released a survey of more than 20,000 hunters and recreational shooters and found that Easton arrows lead the archery industry according to consumer preference and satisfaction.