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Legendary bowhunter Fred Bear, left, was one of Ted Nugent's staunchest supporters.

Nugent Receives Top Honor

Ted Nugent rocked Springfield, Mo., on Sept. 3 but it wasn’t at an arena on his acclaimed 2016 Sonic Baptizm concert tour. This special stop was at the Archery Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where Nugent was honored with the Dave Staples Golden Award of Merit. Named for archery veteran Dave Staples, who was...

Levi Morgan with FeraDyne

World Archery Champion Signs Deal with FeraDyne

World-renowned archer Levi Morgan of Arizona has signed a sponsorship deal with FeraDyne Outdoors to use and promote its Nockturnal, BLOCK, GlenDel and S4Gear brands. Morgan is an 11-time world champion, 48-time national champion and 12-time winner of the ASA shooter of the year award, having won the 2016 title on Aug. 7 and setting a...

Mule Deer Nebraska

Hunters Encouraged to Report Sightings of Sick Deer

Hunters are asked to report observations of sick or dead deer to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission as they head afield this September. Each summer, the Commission monitors for signs of diseased deer; reports from the public help track incidents. Deer populations in Nebraska have been healthy across most areas and last year’s...

Deer feed on native browse such as acorns and persimmons where they can find them, and often hit them hard once the high-carb mast begins falling in autumn.

7 Killer Bowhunting Tips: Acorns as Calling Cards

Every time my wife, Nicole, and I set up a stand in a tree or on the ground, we look for ways to make that location the best it can be. We try to enhance each stand location by making sure there are one or more calling cards available to deer. By Pat Reeve What...