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Deer slug gun Ontario

Deer Hunter Puts the Slug Hammer on Running Buck

Making a shot on a running deer isn’t something you can practice easily, if at all, and maybe especially in cold weather when you’ve been standing around for a bit and muscles are stiff. Several years ago in Austria at a Kahles Optik and Steyr rifles event we were able to shoot at an...

Deer Tangled cut loose by Texas game warden

Two Bucks, One Warden: A Little Work and a Good Deed

Every so often we’ll run across a good video of two bucks that have gotten their antlers tangled, but this latest video is a doozy. Rarely do you see two bucks tangled up, pretty much looking at each other and then unable to figure out what to do. It’s a tug-of-war! Posted online by...


Preserve Owner Uncooperative, Deer Escape as CWD Concerns Intensify

Ohio Division of Natural Resources officials are ramping up efforts to test wild deer for chronic wasting disease after the recent discovery of the disease in a captive herd northeast of Cleveland. Following the discovery of CWD-infected deer at a private shooting preserve and learning that deer had been transported from other states into Ohio,...


Investigation, Arrest for Importing Deer From CWD Zone

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says a multi-year investigation has led to the arrest by game wardens of a Burlington man for importing deer from a chronic wasting disease (CWD) endemic area. Wardens executed a search warrant on Dec. 2 at the residence of Alan Baker in Burlington for evidence of the importation...


CWD Adds to Regulations About Transporting Deer

On October 22, 2014, a deer from a captive facility in Ohio tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), that state’s first confirmed case of the disease. Therefore, Ohio is now considered a CWD-positive jurisdiction and whole deer killed in Ohio can no longer be transported into New Hampshire. People who make hunting trips to...

Archery is a life skill that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Bowhunters, Archers Have New Public Archery Park

Bowhunters, target shooters and archery enthusiasts have a new practice range thanks to the combined efforts of city, state and national agencies committed to providing outdoors opportunities to the public. Alabama’s 10th community archery park will hold its grand opening at 3 p.m. Dec. 19 at the Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley. The facility includes...

Utah's deer hunters will have some new opportunities in 2015.
(Photo: Brent Stettler)

More Deer Hunting Opportunities Available in 2015

New hunts for mule deer await some hunters in in the 2015 autumn seasons after state wildlife officials added dates to provide more opportunities. Justin Shannon, big game coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, says giving hunters more chances to hunt was one of the major things DWR biologists wanted to do...

Grizzly bears are being monitored in Grand Teton National Park as part of a two-year study. (Photo: USGS)

Trouble a’Bruin? Bears Believed to Have Tracked Hunters

A study of the relationship of grizzly bears and hunters already is yielding some interesting results about interaction between the two and how bears may be tracking hunters in the woods in autumn and winter. For many years hunters have said something to the effect of “when a bear hears a gunshot it’s like...