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Trevor Draves of Indiana takes full stock of his first morning in the wilds of Western Nebraska. (PHOTO: Zak Floro)

Tempted by Travel for Your Turkey Hunting Grand Slam?

Through the strong efforts of fish and wildlife agencies, the National Wild Turkey Federation and a robust North American conservation ethos, wild turkeys can be found in every state but Alaska. It’s no wonder an increasing number of hunters travel to pursue these oversized game birds each spring. The siren song of hunting far...

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You May Be Surprised to Know This About Hunting

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has launched a new campaign called “You may be Surprised to know this about hunting” to connect and even surprise the non-hunting public with stories about improved wildlife populations and the conservation efforts of hunters. NSSF presents this social media campaign in a five-part infographic series that will re-introduce...

In exteme conditions, plan accordingly for your coyote hunts to be successful.

Best Predator Hunting Tips for Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather invades nearly every decision you make on a daily basis so much so it has invaded popular culture and even overtaken hit song titles. Humans aren’t unlike their animal ancestors when it comes to the importance of weather and survival. It affects every living thing, especially behavior. If coyotes are your targets then...

The late Ben Lee of Alabama is a turkey hunting legend in the industry.

Remembering Ben Lee, a Genuine Turkey Hunting Icon

A select few people involved in the outdoors reach what is called “larger than life” status. Some achieve that level because of their hunting and/or fishing skills, philanthropy or contributions to education with a goal to ensure cherished outdoors traditions are available to future generations. One of those legendary figures was a man whose...

Kristen Klovenski with her buck, Big Boy, which she'd been watching via game cameras before getting a shot at him in November 2016 in Grimes County, Texas.

Years of Patience and Hard Hunting Finally Pays Off

If you’re looking for a hunting story that waxes poetic about a glut of carefully managed trophy bucks pursued by even more careful hunters, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere. This tale takes place in gritty Grimes County, Texas, a nondescript area in the eastern part of the state where giant bucks...