Stay updated on the latest news going on in the whitetail world! From jaw-dropping record bucks, news from state agencies and organizations and weird happenings with deer and deer hunters, the D&DH team stays on top of all things deer.

Deer and turkeys often hang out together because they enjoy the same areas and food.

Turkey Bonus: Cool Must-See Game Camera Photos

Game cameras are wonderful for giving us glimpses of what’s going on in the woods and on food plots. Whether it’s a big buck, young bucks and does, or deer, turkeys and other wildlife, we love taking a look at game camera images. Maximize Your Deer Season Planning From Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine,...

Utah's biologists are keeping an eye on state mule deer populations this winter.
(Photo: Brent Stettler)

Foundation Donates $1.1M for Habitat, Research Projects

The Mule Deer Foundation is providing more than $1.1 million for habitat projects and mule deer research in Utah, a record amount a wildlife conservation group has contributed in a single year to the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative. The money is generated from the sale of Utah Conservation Permits (Governor’s Tags) and money raised from the 200...

Turkey rattlesnake

Hunter Survives Shocking Encounter in the Field

OK, seriously now, I’d have gone into cardiac arrest or wet my pants or soiled my britches or all of the above if I’d been the hunter in this video. I mean, dang. Can you imagine? Have you ever had something like this happen to you, or almost happen? I know of hunters who...

Gun Digest Shooters Guide 2016

Gun Digest the Magazine Presents Shooter’s Guide Issue for 2016

Gun Digest the Magazine’s annual Shooter’s Guide issue hits newsstands April 19 and features coverage on the hottest new guns and gear for 2016. Whether you’re looking for a new carry gun and holster, a new rifle or shotgun for hunting or personal defense, this issue provides tons of great information on some of...

Eli Alcock 3 with Honey hound and owner Douglas Downs

Deer-Tracking Bloodhound Makes Phenomenal Rescue

  Deer hunters using tracking dogs is becoming more popular since recovery is one of the most important parts of being a hunter. We want to do everything we can to seal the deal and be good stewards. A hunter’s hound made one of the most important recoveries of its life down in Louisiana...

GEB  Feeding Grounds Buck1

Fish & Wildlife Distributes More Than $1.1B to States

The keystone of annual funding for state wildlife agencies was put into place on March 6, 2016, with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s distribution of $1.1 billion in revenues generated by the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration acts. The funding, which supports critical state environmental conservation and recreation projects throughout...

SHEDS  Leland Hinkle with a fine Oklahoma shed

Ban on Public Land Shed Hunting Fuels Mixed Responses

Social media gets crazy like a bunch of coyotes running through the woods at night but is interesting to get a gauge on public sentiment about topics, especially when it comes to hunting and fishing. Both are recreational activities that we, the hunters and anglers, take in varying degrees of seriousness. Some of us...

GEB  Big buck in beans

BREAKING: Eighteen Deer, 1 Elk Confirmed with CWD

Eighteen more deer and another elk have been confirmed to have chronic wasting disease in a shocking development for a state that until recently never had a positive test for the fatal disease. Veteran outdoor writer Bryan Hendricks, a DDH contributor and outdoor editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, broke the story late Wednesday night. It’s...

DEER  Giant Ohio Buck gives police the slip

Monster Buck Ignores Police, Goes on Leisurely Stroll

What would you do if you were driving merrily down the road, minding your own business and a giant 12-point buck blocked your path? That’s what happened in this 2012 video we ran across on YouTube from Wayne County, Ohio. Sheriff’s deputies got a call from a motorist who reported a big buck blocking...