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SHED Scouting for deer while hunting sheds 1

Shed Hunting Evidence You Can’t Ignore

Everyone loves to pick up a big shed whitetail antler during a cabin-fever hike, but if you’re a hunter don’t ignore the smoking-hot evidence in the whitetail woods. You can cure cabin fever and scout your whitetail property simultaneously for a hunting season jumpstart.

Terry Wolf with Twin Towers, which provided him quite a challenge to study and hunt.

Pursuit of Twin Towers, Buck of a Lifetime

My mother-in-law always said things happen for a reason.  I help out one day a week at a nearby farm to secure exclusive hunting rights on their 200 acres. I had a commitment to work on the afternoon of Thursday, October 20, 2016, however, the landowner canceled it for a later time. With my...

Maine State Police Trooper Tyler Maloon with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. (Photo: Maine State Police via Facebook)

Cop Gets to Hold Super Bowl Trophy, Thanks to a Deer

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is just shy of two feet tall, weighs about seven pounds and symbolizes the epitome of football success when presented to the Super Bowl champion each year. For the fifth time since 2002, the trophy currently resides at the home of the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Mass. Similar to the NHL’s...

Bucks learn and adapt, with some of them becoming what hunters believe are reclusive and never showing themselves during the day.

Sunday Hunting Bans: Separation of Church and Scrape

And it was decreed that on Sunday hunting shall be prohibited and no one even on private land they own shall pursue fowl or game, and everyone said “Amen.” Nay, not everyone. Eleven states still have some kind of prohibitions, limits or outright ban on hunting on Sunday. Most are in the northeast part...

Mark Kayser uses his Nikons to glass across a pasture for a possible shed deer antler.

The Best Way to Find More Shed Antlers

If you want to find more shed antlers you have to search where whitetails congregate and you need to put boots on the ground. In addition to these two simple elements you can up your antler game and gain by incorporating a common piece of hunting equipment. No, it’s not an ATV to ride...

Nugent opens his private ranch to inner city kids for a day of
tree-planting, fishing and discovery.

Happy Happy Springtime 2017

Well Happy Happy Springtime across America and beyond to all my backstrap BloodBrothers! I know it is not quite that November opening day hair-raising thriller, but you must admit that this first season of the year is pretty doggone special unto itself. As powerful as the fall/winter season of harvest is to all...

Is culling a myth or reality when it comes to whitetail deer management? Can you selectively kill and manage wild bucks to achieve mature bucks with big antlers if that is your goal? Some ranches in Texas define cull bucks as small-racked bucks at a certain age, while hunters in other states may see spikes or unusual racks as culls.

Culling Bucks: Does It Really Work?

Man has always strived to be the best at what he does, and this same attitude applies to deer hunting, and more importantly, deer management. As a consequence of sportsmen’s insatiable desire to pursue larger-racked bucks and managers’ willingness to satisfy their requests, a variety of techniques have been tested to augment the size...

Dr Jim Brauker with poison ivy

How to Never Again Suffer From Poison Ivy

I don’t know how many times I’ve had poison ivy over the years but I’m fortunate that it’s not as bad as some folks I’ve seen who must be more sensitive to it. I’ve never really had such a terrible case, at least that I can recall, that it would scare children or make...