Paul Ryan Loves His Guns, Hunting

With all the focus on U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan and this year’s presidential election, we’ve learned about the Wisconsin native’s love of hunting and the outdoors.

In our earlier “I’m A Deer Hunter” interview with the GOP vice presidential nominee, Ryan told us he’s a bow hunter who shoots a Mathews compound, prepares his own venison and has hunted since he was a teenager.

He alluded to loving whatever kind of hunting seasons are open for deer, though, and said he killed his first deer with a lever-action rifle. But we didn’t get into any other specifics during our short interview about his firearms, other than him mentioning he enjoyed hunting with a handgun.

Emily Miller of the Washington Times, who enjoys shooting and the outdoors, had a nice story about Ryan on the topic of hunting and firearms. She spoke with his brother-in-law, who Ryan helped introduce to hunting, and he gave some more insight on the topic.

Check out the full story here.