Photos: Is This the Next Record Wisconsin Typical Whitetail?

A bow-hunter killed this buck near Pipe, at the southeastern corner of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. D&DH is trying to contact the bow-hunter.

What is known right now:

* It was killed this week.
* It has 15 points.
* The spread is
22 3/8 inches.
* A rough gross measure put it at 200
* Depending on deductions (D&DH sees roughly 20 inches, although that is only based on the photos), it could beat the current typical whitetail record for archery of 187 5/8 inches set by the Inda buck.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available and verified.

Record whitetail deer buck photo

Record whitetail deer buck photo

Record whitetail deer buck photo

Record whitetail deer buck photo

Record whitetail deer buck photo

Record whitetail deer buck photo

42 thoughts on “Photos: Is This the Next Record Wisconsin Typical Whitetail?

  1. Terry Huff

    Enter it in Buckmasters Trophy Records and forget the rest, they have no deductions.My brother did and his world record velvet bow buck did not have to be stripped or dried for 60 days because they only count horn and not air between them.

  2. mpaul

    I’m sure pope and young will find a way to screw this hunter out of the aculades he deserves for a great deer.

  3. John

    Those are not common bases as some of you are commenting on here. You can see they are definately separate bases, not common bases. Compare the king buck photos to this buck and you will clearly see the difference. But, I still say that the King buck is a clear typical all the way. I have 15 deer that will make P&Y and B&C. (all with a bow) but after seeing what B&C did with the King buck, I wouldn’t even think about entering any of them. Maybe a few should get together and invent a better scoring system. In my opinion, a buck, as long as it’s tines are typical, should be scored as typical and not subtract from the other side. Thats not fair to the other side of the rack. anyway, what a great buck no matter what it scores…

  4. mike

    that a great buck , screw all the critics who cares about the score , just look at the beauty of this awesome buck that what counts the most .be very proud of yourself not to many hunters will ever see a buck like that let alone harvest one , unless your a so called pro hunter raising your streroid deer for a t v show .

  5. greg

    great deer, congrads. I just think a deer like that or any deer deserves respect. get him out of the truck for PICS.

  6. kb

    Awesome buck but seriously you have a buck of that caliber and you take pics of it in the back of the truck. come on!!!

  7. Paul Rieder

    Really nice Buck. Some tips on taking pictures of a "buck of a lifetime"…don’t take pictures in the back of a truck…and don’t straddle or ride him. Pose him in natural vegetation and allow him the dignity he deserves! Outstanding deer!

  8. trachntr

    Great buck, congrats to the hunter.My question here is, why do people continue to take photos of great animals like this in pickup trucks ?

  9. Harry Jonas

    That is one awesome white tail. Even better that Jeff did it with a bow. Great job. Congratulations on a job well done.

  10. Chris

    Awesome deer… Although, when I see photos like this it makes me cringe. The guy shoots an incredible deer like that and instead of having an equally memorable photo in the field he has pictures of it sitting in the back of his truck. When he’s sitting on the deer it’s even worse. With cameras on everyone’s cell phone these days there is absolutely no excuse to not take a great photo in the field. Sorry to be a downer but this is one of my pet peeves.

  11. Ray King

    Can’t help but notice the common base between the G3 and G4 just like the ones on the King buck!

  12. J.G.

    I got to see it and hold it the night Jeff recovered it! It is an incredible buck no matter the score. The right aid has one abnormal point, split brows and quite a bit more mass on the right side. That was the largest buck I’ve ever held. Congratulations Jeff on the buck of a lifetime!

  13. scott

    i would have to argue about the g3. is it a point coming off the g2. well that what they said about the king buck. looks the same to me. nice deer.

  14. Windsor

    Congrats to the hunter that took that beautiful buck! I hope he does not have any of the problems the King buck has. Best wishes for smooth sailing into the record books.

  15. Terry Welbron

    It would have been a big one next year..
    should have waited 1 more year until he was 61/2.

    jus kiddin. i would have shot it in a heart beat.

    i killed a 184" 19 pt in 2004 and that was what someone told me!

  16. Stuart wakeman

    Thats an awesome buck but if a friend of mine shoots the one walking on his property it won’t be the state archery record for long. Nice buck man! Congrats!

  17. Jeremy Flinn

    I could run him through Buckscore and see what I get, but unfortunately for it seems as if the G3 and supposed G4 are sharing a common base like the "King Buck" (at least in the bottom image). Also I feel like I have seen this image before, but it could be just a similar one.

  18. Derrick

    I am sure like the last big buck from up North, there will be concern around the common base point with his G3 and G4 on his left beam and it will cause controversy. Soon, people will quit using record books because of this scrutiny!

  19. Bryan

    What a great buck, congrats to the hunter! Too bad the deductions are going to really hurt the net score. G3 & G4 on the left side look a lot like the contriversial King Buck’s questionable tines? Who cares if it doesn’t break the record, it’s an awesome deer!

  20. stanley chance

    Very nice deer. With a bow this is no easy task. I have 4 P/Y with bow. Good job. Better bow then gun. I think that gun is to easy. I love to bow hunt and black powder more then anything else. But i bow hunt more then gun. Good job.

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