Place of Peace: Bowhunting, Getting Healed 20 Yards at a Time

A lot of words and video have been produced over the decades about bowhunting and how, in many instances, it’s a restorative part of someone’s broken life.

We’ve probably all had at some point moments in the woods, fields or on the water when the problems in our lives seemed to gain clarity. Perhaps more focus. A cleansing of the soul, in some cases, with a better outlook on things than when we arrived to climb a tree, sit in a blind, watch a sunrise or sunset and contemplate, think, pray or meditate.

Over the course of the last year, Ret. Master Sgt. Bobby Farmer granted access to Sitka Gear’s film team to document his return from PTST and how hunting changed him. Saved him might be a better way to describe it. This is a stirring, powerful film.

Place of Peace was produced by Brad Christian, directed by Jon Klaczkiewicz and features cinematography by Christian, Oliver Rodgers and Director of Photography Shannon Vandiver. The footage and soundtrack are excellent. It tells Farmer’s story with startling images and his own words of his 10 tours of duty, injuries, near-death experiences, breaking point and healing.