Pope & Young Updates ‘Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer’

Pope & Young has updated its “Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer” to include the most recent records approved and installed by the club.

A must for any bowhunter’s or whitetail deer enthusiast’s personal library, the Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer series is designed as a handy, information packed resource tool. State and provincial listings are separated and ranked in numerical order by final score.

Pope & Young Record BookScientific data gleaned from the scoring forms in the archives, including final score, length of main beams, inside spread, number of points, county where harvested, hunter’s name, year taken, all-time rank and state rank, are given for each specimen listed.

The listings are enhanced with portrait photographs of the largest deer, typical and non-typical, for each state and province. Also featured are dozens and dozens of quality field photos and entry density maps for each state. A CD-Rom of the records is included with each of these record books. The CD contains a digital version of the whitetail deer record book as well as the records information in database format.

• Listing more than 60,000 whitetail and Coues’ deer entries (all entries through Dec. 41, 2014)
• Listings are separate for each state and province
• Portrait photos of the largest typical and non-typical whitetail deer in each state/province
• Entry density maps for each state
• Entertaining and educational chapters on subjects such as: blood trailing, mental medicine for shooting, trophy stories, scouting, and hunting both whitetails and Coues’ deer
• A CD of the Records, with sortable database fields, several formats, and a new Flip-Book version ebook are all included.

Find out more about it at www.pope-young.org

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